Arndís Ósk Hauksdóttir prestur í Noregi var eftir því sem ég hef komist að einu sinni voða almennileg kona þ.e. allt þar til hún fór skyndilega að hata fólk eftir lit þess og trú. Því sendi ég Norsku Þjóðkirkjunni bréf undir lok September í fyrra þar sem ég benti á rasisma hennar. Innan við þremur mánuðum síðar fékk Arndís Ósk áminningu frá biskup í Noregi og eftir það lofaði hún að hætta að predika hatur en hefur ekki staðið við það á nokkurn hátt. Því hef ég nú sent Norsku Þjóðkirkjunni annað bréf vegna hennar og er það eftirfarandi:

Dear Norweigan State Church,

Last September I wrote you a letter regarding a racist employee of yours. Arndís Ósk Hauksdóttir was at the time very active within Icelandic racist circles especially the Icelandic National Front which has amongst its ranks well known neo-nazis and fascists who have not stopped at talking but have also engaged in threats, vandalism and violence.

In December she got a warning from Norweigan bishop because of her racist and hate activities. She promised to stop promoting hatred but however she has not stuck to her promise at all. She is still a member of the Icelandic National Front, still active writer on hate sites and has regular apperances on Útvarp Saga an Icelandic radio station which has been classified as a hate speech radio station by European Commision against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI). Last Friday she was in an interview there where she attacked human rights activists and promoted hatred against muslims.

A man named Robert Spencer came to Iceland this week where he spoke before several hundred racists in a hotel. Arndís Ósk was one of the attendants there. Spencer runs two organizations which have been classified as hate organizations by both ADL and SPLC. He is well known for his links with neo-nazis and fascists and was the main inspiration for Anders Breivik. A group of people protested this meeting and were harassed by racists who tried to intimidate them.

Last time I wrote to you I said that this woman should be fired from your church and I stick to that opinion. Norway is a multi-cultural society with good interfaith relations and therefore a racist priest should have no place within your state church. However she was allowed to keep her job last time on a certain condition (by not engaging in racist activities of any sort) but has nevertheless been very active in promoting racism in many ways after she got the warning. It would be an embarrasment for your church if you decide not to fire here this time around and would severly damage your reputation.

Best Regards,
Gunnar Hjartarson

p.s. I will send you several links here regarding her case.

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Annað erindi vegna Íslensks prests í Noregi

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