Juddy Spekke, our author from Kenya writes about the massacres in her home country

Juddy Spekke, our author from Kenya writes about the massacres in her home country

I‘m lost for words as i cry for my country, my motherland, I cry for my origin, my roots, I cry for my children, for they may never see their family, I cry for my family back home, as they may never live to see light of day, nobody knows when they will strike, I cry for the Children in Kenya, for school is no longer a safe haven for them.I am sad for I am here, feeling safe, but never knowing what happenes the day We get kicked out of this nation, what will happen to us, where will we go???Back to Kenya? My loving motherland, turned into a death zone .Attacks in homes, churches,markets, hospitals, buses, shoppingmalls ,everywhere. Nobody is immune to the radical menace of Islam.

The latest invasion of a university that left 142 non Muslim students Massacred is just appaling!! The westage attack is still fresh on our minds, it pains .Islamic extremists are thriving on religion.They meet in mosques and organize terrible crimes against humanity.If you cannot recite the quran, if you are not a muslim, you are in danger. Lets all be proactive in taking measures that could save us.It is becoming increasingly vital for everybody to learn the verses of the quran, wherever you are,whether you like it or not.It could save your life!!


6371414-3x2-940x627The pervasive threat of Corruption in Kenya and the world is is deteriorating and rotting my motherland.Kenyan Police officers are paid peanuts!! Challenges that KDF authorities experience while discharing their duties are unbelievable. Nairobi has been transformed into the famous Nairobbery( they rob you blind in broad daylight)!! The KDF(Kenya defence forces) are starving in Kismayu, Somalia,being forced to trade in illegal selling of charcoal to survive.

AND SURELY , TO REWARD OFFICERS WHO ELIMINATED TERRORISTS WITH 500bob is an insult!! I feel for those officers, taking enormous risk to save the students, and getting just 500 shillings for it?? Talk of unfairness. I am disgusted, . We saw what happened at the westgate, Police officers busy looting foodstuff and other things from supermarkets and coming out with paperbags in times of a crisis!! Is it any wonder? The police take bribes and let the terrorists penetrate the borders with weapons of mass destruction,or tools for manufacturing the weapons.1000 shillings bribes have become more important than hundreds of lives.

acd51c1b68279e4e3f26cfc7de4c7d48c5199525There has been alot of talk about this Mosque thing in Iceland,a great misstep I think. I dont profess to be a specialist in these matters, but having had my early childhood with an Islamic mother,and having experienced the atrocities that have been committed in the name of religion, having lost close relatives in various similar attacks from 1998 onwards, my conclusion is against the mosque.Of course it will be unfair to regard all muslims as terrorists, but again, the quran and Sharia laws being the basis of the religion, I would think it doesnt need rocket science to draw conclusions. Iceland is a peaceful country ,the police dont even carry guns..luckily,atleast half of the muslims in Iceland are born here.Statistics have shown that as soon as the number rises to about 15-20% they will start advocating for their own courts, Implement sharia Laws and try to convert everybody.That is the ultimate goal. All Icelanders will have to become Muslims, or else, as we have witnessed in other countries. Nodody is safe, anybody can be radicalised.

Young educated minds can be, and have been manipulated , brainwashed and radicalised, .As we have seen, the latest attack at the university was carried out by a student of law, at the University of Nairobi, and he was a brilliant,government sponsored student.Clearly, there is a difference between Intelligence and rationale!!The reality we live with is that nobody is safe, all we can do is to deny them the mosque, where they preach and justify Jihad,where they brainwash children from Tender ages.Let us allow kids to be kids.Kids should not have to worry about Allah,or the devil, or having to promise them 7 virgins if they die in a suicide attack and kill hundreds, in the process!!

Juddy Spekke

from Nairobi, Kenya. Lives in Akranes, Iceland. Currently studying business at Bifröst University.

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- from Nairobi, Kenya. Lives in Akranes, Iceland. Currently studying business at Bifröst University.